Total Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Total Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault
Total Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault

Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Ebook security that's affordable and easy to use. No complicated scripts!
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Prevents the illegal file sharing of EXE & PDF files.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Protect as many ebooks as you want, as many files as you want - all for the same low price.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Detailed stats allow you to instantly view the details of each purchase.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Comes with a visual step-by-step user's manual and free email support.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Works with nearly any payment processor (Clickbank, PaySystems, PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.)
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Allows you to immediately terminate access for customers who request a refund.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Create free trials of your product that expire at a time you predetermine.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Not just for ebook security! Will also work to protect software from piracy.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault See how many times people have tried to steal your ebook through your personal control panel!
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Gives you the same level of ebook security as a multi-million dollar software empire, for only a fraction of the cost.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault Still have questions? See our ebook security FAQs page.


Sign up for the risk-free 30-day trial and get unlimited ebook security for only $29.95 US. If you decide to renew after your 30-day trial period, you will pay a recurring monthly fee of only $29.95 US per month and you get unlimited use of the Virtual Vault ebook security program.

I don't make product endorsements often but one is certainly called for here...

In my opinion, you have the single best solution for eBook security on the market today. Period.

I have found it very difficult up until now to truly protect my PDF eBooks from piracy. Your eBook security software is doing an outstanding job, and to top it all off, the process is completely automated! I no longer spend my time generating registration codes for my customers. I love it that they can INSTANTLY unlock my secure files automatically when their purchase is made! This is a huge time saver and it has allowed me to spend more time focusing on the important things in my business.

I will be using your eBook security software on every PDF eBook that I write from here on out. Thanks again for sharing this at an affordable price...

Warmest regards,

Jason Bradley


An Affordable Ebook Security Solution is an affiliate web site that promotes the Virtual Vault, a product owned by Shawn Pringle of and As of 3/5/14, we are discountinuing the promotion of his product due to non-payment of affiliate commissions.



If you're thinking about pinching pennies by selling your ebook without using an ebook security solution, you might want to think again.. All it takes is one person who legitimately purchases your ebook and then turns around and shares it with their friends, relatives, and co-workers. They, in turn, share it with their friends, relatives, and co-workers, and so on and so forth. The end result? Literally thousands of pirated, unpaid for copies of your ebook are being circulated around the Internet!

Ebook Piracy Costs Authors
Thousands of Dollars in Lost Sales

Just think about it. If you sell your ebook without ebook security for $29.95 US and every 3 months it is shared with just 100 people (which is a very conservative figure), that totals $2995.00 US in lost profit in just 3 short months. That’s $11,980.00 US a year! And that doesn’t even take into consideration the people who might actually be reselling your ebook and pocketing your profits. What's even more shocking is that:

Most people don't even realize that sharing
or reselling an ebook that they purchased
is illegal and a violation of copyright law!

Finally! An Affordable Ebook Security Solution that
Puts an End to Illegal File Sharing and Ebook Piracy

There are four main ways that people steal or share files:

1. By locating the download link and downloading the ebook without paying.
2. By purchasing the ebook and then sharing it with all their friends, family, and coworkers.
3. By purchasing the ebook, but then demanding a refund even though they keep & continue to use the product.
4. By obtaining a free copy of the ebook from another source, such as a friend, newsgroup, forum, ebay, etc.

The Virtual Vault is a sophisticated, but easy-to-use, ebook security program that prevents each and every one of these illegal attempts to steal your product. It works by blocking access to illegal copies, forcing people to purchase your product or they simply will not be able to use it.

Not Limited to Ebook Security Only!
The Virtual Vault will Prevent the
Illegal File Sharing of any PDF or EXE file

That's right. The Virtual Vault will protect any PDF or EXE file. Got a software program in EXE format that you want to sell? No problem! Get complete software protection with the Virtual Vault and you won't ever have to worry about other people sharing, stealing, or selling the program you worked so hard to create.

Ready to Protect Your Ebook or Software Program?
Here's How it Works:

1. Sign up for the Virtual Vault. You will immediately receive your download instructions and access code via email.
2. Run the Virtual Vault to lock and encrypt your PDF or EXE file(s).
3. Upload your locked PDF or EXE file(s) to your Web site server.
4. Create a thank you page where your customers will be redirected to if their order is successful. This page will contain a download link to your locked product.

That's it! Kick back and relax while the Virtual Vault does the rest of the work for you. Simply put, when someone purchases your ebook or software program, the Virtual Vault generates an access code that will only work for one valid user. It then requires a validation with our dedicated servers at intervals set by you, to ensure the code remains valid. You can monitor stats and administer user rights through your Virtual Vault control panel 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It's Ebook Security
That's Easy to Use

The Virtual Vault's user-friendly interface is so intuitive and easy to use that you'll be up and running in minutes! However, in the case that you have questions or need help, the Virtual Vault is backed by a comprehensive user's manual and FREE technical support.

Want to learn more? View screen shots with
detailed descriptions of the
Virtual Vault ebook security program.

Absolutely Risk-Free and 100% Guaranteed

Think you can't afford to use the Virtual Vault? The truth is, you can't afford NOT to. The Internet is a global marketplace consisting of billions of people. Can you just imagine if only 2 users per month shared your product with 2 friends, and they shared it with 2 more and so on? With just 28 shared files at $29.95 US, you'd lose $838.60 US every month. It only makes sense to spend a little to protect a lot of sales.

I want you to try Virtual Vault ebook security program right now - absolutely risk-free. You have nothing to lose. If you don't like the product or don't want to continue using it, simply let me know and I will immediately cancel your membership.

In addition to the special, low price for your first month, I have another bonus for you. All copies of your ebook or software program that were distributed using Virtual Vault will remain protected - even if you cancel. You'll owe nothing further, but will get the assurance of knowing some of your valuable work is protected from thieves. If, after 30 days you wish to continue to protect your copyrighted work from illegal file sharing and piracy, you will pay a recurring monthly fee of only $29.95 US per month and you get unlimited use of the Virtual Vault ebook security program.

Try the Virtual Vault Now Risk-Free!

Lock as many files as you'd like, generate as many access codes as you need. At Ebook Security you don't pay a percentage of your purchase price, and you don't pay a huge up front price. Just a very affordable monthly fee and your products are safe from thieves forever.
Ebook Security with the Virtual Vault

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